American Cowboy Museum

The American Cowboy Museum serves the community by preserving and interpreting the art, history, and culture of the contributions of African Americans, Hispanic, Native Americans, and Women to the development of the American West through engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and public events reflective of the Texas region’s rich traditions and shared heritage. 


Just a short distance from Reliant Stadium, and in sight of the Houston skyline, the American Cowboy Museum offers many items, and memorabilia

from the famous and not-so-famous Black Cowboys. You'll see saddles, spurs, hats, chaps, boots and other cowboy necessities. Learn how each of these daily tools were used and valued by the Black Cowboy.


Did you know that 1 out of 3 Cowboys were Black?


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At the American Cowboy Museum the walls are adorned with original artwork, fine art prints, and posters featuring African Americans, Hispanic, Native American Cowboys, and images of the Wild Wild West by professional artists such as Tony Sherman, Jimmy Lovejoy and L David Eveningthunder. These rare

collection(s) of art provides a rich picture of the 'American West' to thousands of children and adults alike.

One of the cherished artifacts on display is a copy of Mollie Stevenson, Jr.'s great grandmother’s slave papers, which, as expected, never fails to mesmerize. “So few people have seen one. She was sold into slavery for life in Texas in 1856, before the Emancipation Proclamation,” says Stevenson Jr., whose interest in education and ranching are a family tradition.


The American Cowboy Museum showcases an extensive collection of the 

Taylor-Stevenson Ranch Area's historical letters, personal artifacts, newspapers, legal documents, clothing, photographs, and oral histories, along with the Black Cowboy's experience and history throughout Texas and the American West. 

There are many supporters of the American Cowboy Museum, and you never know who will stop by for a quick tour of this 150-year history of farming, ranching and the western way of life. Mollie Stevenson, Jr. welcomed Larry Green, City of Houston Council Member.


Plan Your Vist Today! Call 713-478-9677.

Hours & Admission

We Are A Proud Supporter of the

American Cowboy Museum

Monday through Saturday

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Group Rates/Children $9.00, Adults and Senior Citizens $10.00. Discover several different ways to donate; Click Here!



American Cowboy Museum 

Traveling Exhibit


Call today to schedule the American Cowboy Museum historical exhibits for your school or your next educational event, call 713-478-9677.



We Are A Proud Supporter of the

American Cowboy Museum

ACM gratefully acknowledges the support of our principal funders:

The American Cowboy Museum is also part of a fully functioning, working ranch that showcases ranch equipment, such as tractors, plows, cultivators and planters. The interactive exhibit, which has welcomed visitors from all over Houston, brings to life the 150-year history of farming, ranching and the western way of life.


Plan Your Vist Today! Call 713-478-9677.

American Cowboy Museum

Located on the Taylor-Stevenson Ranch Area

11822 Almeda Road

Houston, Texas 77045





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• In-kind donations - we accept items of personal property for either addition to the permanent collection or for ultimate sale to fund our endowment. Examples of donations include common stock, wildlife trophies, cowboy or Native American collections, fine art, bronzes, vehicles, and other items of value.


**This agreement in no way entitles sponsor ownership and/or exclusive privileges in any way to sponsored  animal or ranch property. American Cowboy Museum accepts all liability, expressed and/or implied, for sponsored equine. 

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